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Luxurious Outdoor Living



Luxury pavers and landscapes. 

Beautiful, high quality outdoor spaces that last


Patios and Pooldecks

Patios and pooldecks are more than just a place to sit, they are the centerpiece of outdoor living--the place where people gather. Let us a design the perfect space for your needs, one that makes your neighbors, friends, and family jealous.

We install a variety of paver types: porcelain, travertine, natural stone, brick, and concrete.


Driveways & Walkways

We build beautiful, strong driveways that last. You have likely seen paver driveways that are settled, uneven, and misaligned--sometimes just a week after install. This is a sign of a poor, low-quality installation. We install to ICPI standards using proper materials and installation methods so that with proper care your driveway looks like it was just installed years later. What's more, our team lays the straightest, tightest lines with the cleanest cuts--going the extra mile to produce a luxury aesthetic.

We install a variety of paver types: porcelain, travertine, natural stone, brick, and concrete.

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Fireplaces & Kitchens

Fireplaces and fire tables make a great focal point for your gathering areas and are perfect for night time entertaining and chilly winter evenings. We are experienced installers with a variety of masonry materials and fuel types.

Wherever you gather, food is essential! But many outdoor kitchens are underutilized due to poor design. Let us help you build the perfect kitchen for your needs, whether it's family dinners or large hosted events! Whether you've got a kit picked out or you are looking for fully custom, we've got you covered!

Walls & Stairs

Our walls, stairs, and stoops are second to none. With walls and stairs, quality isn't just a nice to have, it's a must-have component of safety. We make stunning wall and step systems that are not only beautiful and functional, but also incredibly safe and long-lasting. We carefully design and engineer our installs to meet your needs while also meeting standards and local code.

We work with a variety of wall types: segmental block, natural stone, boulder & outcropping, decorative, terraced, structural, gravity, reinforced, and engineered.

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Plants on walkway

Lawns & Plants

We will make your front or back yard amazing. Whether you want a low maintenance turf law or a high-maintenance gardener's dreamscape, we can do it all.

A big concern in Tampa is water. We know how to design your space, including re-grading and drain systems, to keep your lawn and garden intact and as usable as possible after a big rain.

As a design-build firm that also specializes in hardscapes, we know how to tie hard and soft materials together to make your outdoor spaces pop--you will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Meet the Team

Bryon Kroger

Bryon Kroger

Owner & Co-Founder

Bryon is a proud father, Air Force veteran, and entrepreneur. He's also married to that pretty gal on the right (not Donald). After leaving the Air Force in 2019 Bryon founded Rise8, a very successful software company focused on modernizing software for military service-members and veterans.

Bryon has a passion for landscaping and outdoor rooms that started when he worked with Donald to pay his way through college. When the opportunity came to start a business together, it was too good to pass up.

Bryon's 10 years of military leadership experience coupled with his success as a small business owner ensure that Outdoor Envy is a business you can trust with your most important outdoor projects!

Donald Nelson

Donald Nelson

Operations Manager & Co-Founder

Donald started his career at 17 with a commercial hardscape company in Minnesota. He worked his way up to foreman, building multi-million dollar projects and was featured on a national TV show called Home Savvy and a local TV show called Home Time!

He has 26 years of landscaping experience with pavers, masonry, segmented walls, outdoor kitchens and rooms, grading, and drainage. This includes pavers of all kinds--concrete, travertine, porcelain, etc.

Donald is ICPI certified (Interlocking Concrete Paver Installer), segmental wall certified, an 

expert on grading and drainage, and is often asked to test new product for hardscape suppliers and manufacturers. You are in excellent hands.

The Outdoor Envy Difference

We build the right outdoor space for you, and we build outdoor spaces right!




You can see and feel the difference in the materials we use and the way we install them.

Inexperienced installers are abundant and as the market cools down, they are in a race to the bottom on price. It's a trap! You have likely seen sinking pavers, drainage issues, washout, and material deterioration--if you "save" now you will pay later!

What's worse, they often take months to start the project, leave it unfinished while they juggle others, and when they finally finish and you need them to come back to address to fix their shoddy work you're lucky if they even show up at all.

Outdoor projects are a major investment, and we treat it that way. We install high quality, luxury pavers and landscapes with speed.

We can promise you that not matter who you choose, you will get what you pay for. If you want luxury, quality, and speed then click below to schedule your free initial consultation.

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